You can customize and personalize your team jerseys, personal jersey, apparels, garments, scarves and related accessories by any one of the following services that we offer:

Work with us to customize your decals and we permanently decorate and transfer (or emboss) the decals onto your preferred ready-wear, team jersey, plain apparel, T-Shirts, thereby transforming each into one-of-a-kind. Suitable for low to medium volume requirement.

Customize and then permanently "absorb" your preferred designs into our performance Beat-Heat™ fabric. Unique outstanding graphics, the vibrant colours and where we consistently lead, the quality of our tailoring.

Use both  sublimation  and  decals  to  personalize and custom to your desire, giving a unique, hybrid, exquisite and combined effect for your team jerseys, individual jersey.

Customize your designs and then use the traditional screen-printing technique to transfer special ink onto tshirts and ready-wear, based on your preferred design. Advisable option if you have a relatively low unit cost budget but very fit for your purpose.

Use our embroidery services to customize your designs, captions, marks, logos etc on to plain ready-wears, tshirts, polos, team jersey etc. The resulting output will be a close approximate of your designs due to the nature of embroidery works. It will turn apparels into your preferred custom-look.

Each of the above customization service has unique advantages to meet your customization and personalization needs.

Amongst customers' requirements are:

  • Tailoring quality and its consistency for the full set of custom quantities ordered. Not all custom jerseys are born equal.
  • Fabric Quality. For sublimation custom jerseys, we utilise our Beat-Heat™ fabric, 100% polyester, microfibre. It dries quickly; so just hang them to dry after washing. Does not wrinkle either. It keeps you cool and dry with excellent testimonies from our customers, worldwide.
  • Trusted to deliver. We are a trusted partner, with excellent customer testimonials as depicted at our website.
  • Dateline or Delivery Period.
  • Meeting your specific budget.
  • Aesthetic preferences.
  • Design print resolution. In other words, Do you get blurry or visibly sharper prints (with vibrant colors)? A high resolution print costs more but the result is bright, outstanding and intense colors. We always print in high resolutions unless the design specifies otherwise.
  • One or multi-coloured prints.
  • Bragging rights to a unique one-of-a-kind garment for fashion, sportswear or simply leisure.

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