Screen Printing (also known as silkscreen or serigraphy) is the oldest and most popular method of t-shirt printing. It uses stencil method of printing whereby a mesh is used to transfer ink onto a fabric, except in areas made impermeable to the ink by a blocking stencil.



  1. Mesh is stapled onto a wooden/ metal frame
  2. Use masking tape to stick around the underside of the screen
  3. Cut stencil design
  4. Place stencil under the frame but above the paper
  5. Place a line of ink at the end of the screen
  6. Use the squeegee, press downwards firmly to draw ink from one end to the other end
  7. Carefully lift the screen
  8. Evaluate print and repeat
  1. Ideal to print on cotton and polycotton garments.
  2. Cost effective for large quantity orders with printing designs consisting of 1 to 6 colors at most.
  3. Perfect for individual and/or company that want to fit to a specific budget.
  4. Suitable for simple and non-complex graphic designs.
  1. Not cost effective for a dozen orders or fewer.
  2. Not advisable for designs with more than 6 colors unless you do not mind spending.
  3. Not suitable for complex graphic designs.
  4. Due to preferred orders to be in large quantities, allow lead time for production.

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